The Best Restaurants in Washington, DC Right Now

Seven Reasons: Venezuelan chef who made waves in Baltimore moves to DC. After being named the best chef in Baltimore for his cooking at Alma Cocina Latina, chef Enrique Limardo has officially moved to DC as the co-owner and chef of Seven Reasons (his first foray here was as the consulting chef for Chicken + Whiskey). This restaurant showcases the flavors and culinary traditions of Latin and South America, including unexpected dishes from Peru, the Amazon, and the Caribbean. The name is based on numerology, where the number seven symbolizes searching for new experiences. Limardo aims to take his guests on a surprising journey of texture, technique, flavor and plating in an ivy-draped space inspired by the jungles of South America. Highlights include ravioli de chuchos, a take on arepas, lobster ceviche, and wagyu coulotte.

Ezequiel Vazquez